RUDOLF SILVERPLUS Antibacterial Mattress Protector


  • Model : F0419PP5

Item No. F0419PP5

Fbric: 100% microfibre super brushed fabric, RUDOLF SILVERPLUS® Antibacterial treatment

Filling: 100% polyester 6D, 150g

Style: quilting + 4 corner elastic

Packing: Non-woven PVC bag

Standard: Oeko Tex100


       RUDOLF SILVERPLUS® Antibacterial agent is the most successful in the world, antibacterial efficiency of 99% above.  It has good hydrophilic, suitable for almost fabrics, still has antibacterial effect after washing. Fabric treated by RUDOLF SILVERPLUS® can meet the Oeko standard. Filled with 6D hollow silicon fiber, which is fluffy, soft, light and warm.